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Mian Tahir Yaqoob student of Peer Usman was given these healing powers about 10 years back by Allah through an enlightened spiritual person Peer Usman to heal people suffering from different diseases like cancer, immune disorder, stroke, Parkinson, kidney disorder, epilepsy, skin problems, spine & back issues, hepatitis,





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Peer Usman Teacher of Mian Tahir Yaqoob



paralysis and many others. By the grace of Allah, I have treated hundreds of ailing people across the globe with the help of Quranic verses.

Free Healing: The duty assigned by Almighty Allah is being performed free of charges with the holy cause for humanity. I have no personal gains attached to it neither do any of my students (spirtual Healers . We have a number of students (spirtual Healers) in several countries including America, Canada, Turkey, Spain, France, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, India, Pakistan, and United Kingdom.

Healing Centres: Besides the various countries that have centers and are offering this healing service to mankind in countries mentioned above, I have two large non-profit organizations Munshi Mohammad Ramzan Free Hospital, in Hasilpur, Bahawalpur, Pakistan and Walk Welfare Foundation in Lahore, Pakistan and world wide where these healing services are being offered to hundreds of people on regular basis.


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